Our Story

From Vision to Reality

In a world where misinformation spreads fast, we saw the need for a tool that helps journalists discover the truth quickly and accurately. That’s how Mindbugs Tool came to life. We believe in the power of good journalism. Our tool is here to make journalists' work easier by providing a search engine that understands more than just keywords. It finds the most relevant debunked claims and presents them clearly.

Designed for Clarity and Support

Our team of experts built Mindbugs Tool with one goal: to help journalists stay in control of their stories. We give them the tools to enhance their ability to inform and enlighten. With Mindbugs Tool, we’re committed to empowering journalists with the resources they need to excel in their craft.

Join us on this journey. Together, we can reshape the landscape of media and uphold the integrity of information for generations to come.

Meet the team

Meet the Minds Behind the Mission: Our Team of Innovators and Truth Seekers
Ioana Cheres

Ioana Cheres

Co-founder - AI specialist

Ioana Cheres is co-founder and AI specialist at MindbugsDiscovery, with 7 years of experience in large language models (LLMs). She is developing the core algorithms that empower journalists to navigate and counteract misinformation effectively. Ioana's passion for technology and commitment to ethical AI use are central to our mission.

Mihai Topor

Mihai Topor

Co-Founder - Developer

Mihai Topor is co-founder and full-stack developer at MindbugsDiscovery, with 5 years of experience in creating software solutions. Mihai's expertise helps us tailor our technology to meet journalists' needs, developing custom solutions that support their work. His passion for innovation and commitment to journalists' needs are key to our team.

Codruta Simina

Codruta Simina

Product Ambassador - Media Specialist

Codruța Simina is a journalist with 17 years of experience in media, specializing in public spending, politics, corruption, and fact-checking. She was a founding member of PressOne Romania, serving as editor-in-chief for two years, and she coordinated two national campaigns on disinformation for Scena9 and for National Health Observatory. 

Nix Maxwell

Antonia Niculae

UI/UX - Lead

Antonia, a UI/UX Designer with a marketing and business background, creates aesthetically pleasing and functional designs. Her passion for art and painting is evident in her work, making each design simple, straightforward, and attractive. She is all about making technology accessible and enjoyable to everyone.